Schedule an Introduction to Moodle

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We specialize in offering convenient, one-on-one, (and did I mention: brief?) Introduction to Moodle sessions for new (and new-to-Moodle) faculty members.

These Moodle overviews are typically 20-minutes long and will answer the following questions:

  • How do I add content (documents, media files, web links, my syllabus, etc.) to my Moodle course?
  • How do students enroll in my Moodle course?
  • How do I set up interactive activities for my students (including quizzes, discussion forums, assignment or paper submissions)?
  • How do I give collaborators access to my Moodle course sites?
  • How do I embed video clips into my course site?

Topic-specific Moodle tutorials can be scheduled as well, including:

  • Setting up your Gradebook
  • Setting up and sharing Quiz bank questions with colleagues
  • Setting up Groups in your Moodle course, to allow for small-group work

Email to schedule your
20-minute introduction to Moodle.