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Digital research tools

“Bamboo DiRT is a registry of digital research tools for scholarly use.”      Browse digital research tools by category and read recommendations by fellow scholars. Tool categories include: Authoring interactive works Data analysis Visualization VISIT THE BAMBOO DiRT website.  The project is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

My chaotic desktop

“I use my laptop to present in class and students laugh at my cluttered desktop.” The Camouflage app (from the Apple App Store) makes the icons on your desktop disappear with one click (and reappear with another click). You have to pay for the most recent version, but the earlier version is currently free.   Recommended by ProfHacker:

If only this website/article was easier to read…

A quick, free download of Readability saves the day. Readability makes printing web pages and web articles easy. The result is a page with all of the ads and odd formatting removed. Legibility! Readability also gives you the option of saving articles or web pages to read later. Readability works with most web browsers, as well as Kindle, iPad, iPhone…