About ATS

Academic Technology Services,
a division of Bard Information Technology

collaborates with faculty and staff in order to support and encourage the thoughtful and sustainable application of emerging technologies toward education and research goals. We aim to utilize technology, when appropriate, to make the practice of teaching more effective and efficient, to enhance classroom experience and to help faculty achieve course-specific learning objectives.

In so doing, we strive to continue to ask and respond to the guiding question: “How do we sustain the intimacy and experimentation that have come to characterize a Bard education over the last 150 years, improve and enhance learning and teaching, and continue to support and expand the crucial work of civic engagement, international liberal education, while extending the reach of a Bard education to traditionally under-served students?”

Toward those ends, ATS

  • provides support for the college’s learning management systems (LMS)
  • provides support for the academic use of video conferencing applications (including point-to-point and multi-point conferencing)
  • provides support for online collaboration spaces (wikis and blogs)
  • acts as a point of contact for questions about emerging/new media and existing digital media support on campus

Where is ATS located?

email: ats@bard.edu