Spotlight on Learning Management Systems at Bard

Moodle 3

Moodle is Bard’s official learning management system. What it does well: forum discussions, centralized assignment submission, document sharing, and quizzes created from question banks. What it does less well: grade-book, collaborative work, and sharing large files.

Sample Bard Moodle 3 course site

Then, schedule a quick introduction to Moodle 3.
We’ll help you customize your new course site.

Google Classroom (as of Fall 2017)

Google Classroom is part of Google Apps for Education (G Suite). This application offers an interactive classroom collaboration space. It’s well integrated with Google Drive, Docs, Calendar and Forms (for creating Quizzes).

Image of Sample Classroom Site

Log in to your Bard Google account, click the Google Apps Launcher icon  
in the upper right corner of your web browser.
Or, log into Google Classroom directly:

Request Teacher Access.
Once this has been granted, you can create your new Classroom sites.

Courseblogs (academic WordPress sites)

Courseblog? Think of it as a self-published web site for your class. Because it is WordPress, it’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to customize. The format encourages collaborative work and resource sharing (including media files). Of all of the course tools, a courseblog usually takes the most time to set up, because it is endlessly configurable.

Screen image with 9 past courseblog sites

Your blog can be publicly visible or private
(visible only to your enrolled students).

Then meet with us to start customizing it.