Moodle version 2.0


After a year-long trial, the long-awaited update for Moodle is now live!  (version 2.8)

In Fall 2014, we began working with an unflappable group of faculty and staff from each of the college’s divisions to conduct a limited trial of Moodle 2.  This significantly updated Moodle, with its sleek, more intuitive design, is now available to all Bard (Annandale) faculty. Schedule a quick, one-on-one Moodle 2 tutorial to help you make the leap.

In addition to many bug fixes and a significantly better file management structure, Moodle 2.0 offers:

  • Duplicate Activities (such as weekly forum/reading discussions).
  • Create, Use & Share Grading Rubrics.
  • Drag & Drop files to add content to your course page.
  • Embed a YouTube or Vimeo Video in your course page.
  • Use the MathJAX filter to easily render math equations.
  • View the Bard Academic Calendar in Moodle 2’s Site Calendar to help you plan your assignments.
  • Use the Activity Chooser to simplify adding activities & resources to your course page.
  • Give quick Assignment Feedback and grade like the wind with the Offline Grading Sheet or Batch Document Upload options.


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